Epoxy Injection for Structural Repair

2Eastern Missouri cities such as St. Louis, Warrenton, South County, and St. Charles are often known for clay-based soil problems that cause serious and severe foundation problems. Structures situated on unstable soils are affected when their foundations “settle”, which means being subjected to extreme moisture conditions and/or lack of proper drainage.
A shifting or settling foundation may result in structural damage to the property and a loss of your investment. The effects of foundation problems can be devastating to the integrity of the structure and its value.

Some common foundation failure symptoms to look for:
• Cracks in exterior foundation walls
• Cracks in foundation walls
• Cracks in interior sheetrock walls and ceilings
• Bowed foundation walls (Walls pushing inward)
• Windows and doors that stick
• Sunken interior floors.

Since no two structures are the same, a one size fits all solution isn’t the answer either. Our trained support team will evaluate the structure and provide the right solution that meets your needs. We offer a variety of solutions on how we can help solve your residential or commercial foundation problem.